The place to play all day long.

Featuring 4 acres of games, attractions, sports, and food under one roof, Incrediplex offers a camp experience like no other. Children will experience a variety of activities and programs to make their days away from school race by.

For children ages 6-12, our action-packed camps include almost every activity imaginable! Organized and supervised, our camps offer a safe and structured way for your kids to have the time of their lives.

  • 24′ Rock Climbing Wall
  • Video Games
  • Upscale Bowling Lanes
  • Four Story Playground
  • 4 Large Themed Inflatables
  • Laser Tag
  • Theater Room
  • Sports Court Fields
  • Basketball Courts
  • Turf Fields
  • Baseball Tunnels

Holiday Camp 2017

CANCELLED January 2nd – January 5th (4 days) CANCELLED

  • Full Day Session: $180/Week (8am – 6pm)
  • Half Day Session: $120/Week Morning (8am – 1pm) Afternoon (1pm – 6pm)
  • Single Full Day: $55/Day (8am – 6pm)
  • Pre Camp Per Child/Per Day: $10/Day (7am – 8am)

For more information about our Holiday Break Camp please contact Erin Wolfe, Camp Director, at or call 317-823-9555. Thank you!

Rules and Regulations

Drop-off and Pick-up:

Drop-off time starts at 8:00 a.m.

Pre-camp care is available between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Notification for early drop-off is required by 5 p.m. the day prior to the needed date.

Pick-up is no later than 6:00 p.m. Parent/Guardian will be charged $1 per child every minute after 6:00pm for late pick up.

Parents will be required to check campers in and out every day of camp. Only pre-arranged adults, parents, or a legal guardian will be allowed to pick campers up. NO EXCEPTIONS. Photo ID will be required at time of pick-up. At drop-off of the first day of camp, a parent is required to fill out a medical card detailing any allergies, medications, and special precautions that need to be taken while their child is attending camp.

Campers with a fever or illness should not attend camp. Incrediplex is not responsible for treating sick campers. Incrediplex will not refund camp fees for days missed.

Incrediplex does not give refunds for camp, certain exceptions apply. *Death in the family or serious injury “doctors note required.”

Please do not send money with your child. We are not responsible if it get’s lost or stolen. We do not allow them to purchase at the bistro/vending machines. We do however allow them to put money onto a game card, they can do that in the morning during registration.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Behavior:

Incrediplex camps should be a fun and enjoyable experience for all campers. Incrediplex will strive to help campers attain a spirit of cooperation, team spirit, and camaraderie.

Unacceptable behavior includes but may not be limited to the following:

  • Inappropriate vocabulary such as cursing or being sexually explicit
  • Demeaning language
  • Harassing, bullying or hazing other campers
  • Physical or verbal fighting
  • Taking or use of someone else’s personal property without permission
  • Leaving the group without permission or approved escort

Discipline Policy:

Incrediplex does not expect discipline problems with campers. In the unlikely event of a problem, our procedure is as follows:

  • Camper will receive a “time-out” from the current activity.
  • Attraction time is taken away.
  • Meeting with Camp Director.
  • Suspension from that day’s camp activities.
  • A phone call to parent followed by an in-person meeting with Camp Director and parent.
  • It is up to the Camp Director to decide if they get suspended or taken out of camp depending on the situation. Parents will be notified.

Activities Policy:

Campers will be attending the Family Entertainment Center at pre-arranged times throughout the week during which the campers will get to bowl, rock climb, jump on the inflatables, climb in the four-story obstacle course, and fly high on the euro bungy. In addition to all the included activities, we also feature video/arcade games that require the purchase of a game card for access. Campers are permitted to access these games with the approval of a parent and money loaded onto a card. If a parent chooses to give their child money, Incrediplex highly suggests that the parent provides money per day and not per week (i.e. $5 each day as opposed to $25 at the beginning of the week).

Personal Items:

In keeping consistent with school policies, campers are prohibited from having and using electronic games, cell phones, toys, cd players or personal music players (iPods). In the event that a camper needs to make an outgoing call, a counselor must first approve it and our desk phone will be used.


Campers will need to wear appropriate gym clothing. Daily attire should be shorts, shirt, socks, and tennis shoes.

Outdoor Activities:

At various times throughout camp (seasonal, weather permitting) we will be holding certain activities that may take the campers outside the facility while remaining on Incrediplex property. We will make parents aware of these special circumstances well in advance. Please provide sunscreen and have your child dress weather-appropriate for these days.

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