What if I want 2 attractions for my party?

At this time, we do not have a birthday party package that combines multiple attractions, as we’ve found you get the most from your money by focusing guests attention in one area. However, we do offer inflatable wristbands at a discounted rate of $7/child for booked parties, and your guests can always use their game cards to utilize additional attractions.

Can I bring in my own food or drinks?

No, we do not allow any outside food or drinks other than a birthday cake or cupcakes. We do provide a full-service menu so no need to lug in that case of water!

Can I bring my own decorations?

Yes, we allow most all outside decorations for your party room! However, please leave the confetti at home.

Can I come in early to decorate my room?

We recommend bringing in any additional decorations 1-2 days prior to your event so that your party host can set everything up for you. After all, we want to take all the party day stresses away from you! However, if you would prefer to do the decorating, just mention it while booking or at confirmation, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Is a cake included in the birthday package?

A birthday cake is not included in the standard party package. However, you can add on a cake provided by Sweeties to your party for an additional fee, or you are permitted to bring in a birthday cake or cupcakes on the day of your party.

Can I rent just the party room?

No, at this time we do not have a single room rental rate, and party rooms are designated for scheduled birthday parties.

Is my birthday child included in the base package of 10?

Yes, your birthday child is included with our base package of 10 kids. If you would like to add additional children to your birthday party package it is an add-on of $14.99 per additional child.

What if I have more than one guest of honor?

If you have more than one guest of honor, Incrediplex will charge an additional $5 for the extra GOH so that the child can also receive $10 on their game card as well.

Can I have older children in the Bounce & Climb?

Our Bounce & Climb arena is meant for children 12 and under. Parents can assist their children in the Bounce & Climb area if needed.

Is there an age or weight requirement for Euro Bungy?

Yes, there is a 40 pound minimum and 150 pound max weight requirement for Euro Bungy and Rock Wall.

How many players on the field?

Futsal games are 5v5, 4 field players plus 1 goalkeeper. Dasherboard games are 6v6, 5 field players plus 1 goalkeeper.

What types of shoes are allowed on the field?

Because we have premium turf we allow molded cleats, turf shoes, or flats.

Do I have to pay a membership fee in addition to the team registration?

No, we do not require players to purchase player passes.

What is the maximum roster size?

Maximum number of players registered with one team is 18.

When is the payment due?

$100 deposit and a valid credit card is due at sign up. The remainder of the balance is due by your third game.

How do we pay the remainder of the balance?

The remainder of your balance can be paid directly to Incrediplex by individual players from your team or we would prefer it be paid in full by the team manager while the individual players pay him/her.

Can I sign up online?


Do I have to sign up online?

No. You can sign up over the phone with a credit card or complete and submit the registration form.

When is the roster/waiver due?

The roster/waiver is due at your first game.

Where do I get a roster/waiver form?

The roster/waiver will be provided in the coach’s packet at the first game and can also be printed from our website.

When will we know our schedule?

The team manager/coach will be emailed the schedule about 3-5 days prior to your first game.

Do we get practice time?

No. Due to space constraints, we are unable to offer practice time. If you would like to rent a field we offer space based on availability at our specified rental rates.

My team is amazing. Can we play up an age level?

Yes, you are able to play in an older age division. However, consult with the soccer director before hand as there may already be extremely competitive teams in the appropriate age group.

How many teams are signed up in my age group so far?

The vast majority of teams sign up at the last minute. The best strategy is to sign up early to make sure that you get a spot in the league.

My team can’t play before/after a certain time. Can I request specific games times?

Yes, as long as the team manager specifies time requests at the initial sign up we will make every effort to accommodate your team, but we cannot guarantee anything due to the complexity of the scheduling process. After the schedules are complete, no more changes will be made.

I coach 2 teams. Can my teams play back to back?

We want all coaches, players, and parents to have as positive an experience as possible. As long as schedule requests are made at the initial sign up we will make an effort to accommodate coaches who bring in multiple teams.

My team has ‘trap’ players. Can they play on my team?

Yes, if the ‘trap’ players were on your team during the fall season, they can play on your team during our winter sessions.

Why is email required?

Email is the primary source of communication. We use email communication to send out automatic game reminders and it is used to log in and view schedules/standings.

How do I check my schedule/standings online?

You must first create a MySam account with a valid username and password. The link is on our website.

The team we are playing has the same color uniform. Does Incrediplex provide pennies?

No, we do not supply pennies. All teams should bring 2 different colored shirts. In the case that both teams wear the same color, the home team is required to change.

Is there a gate fee?

Yes, Saturday, and Sunday Incrediplex charges an admission fee at the door of $5 per spectator age 3 and older. All spectators who pay the admission fee will be awarded a $5 game card to be used towards any of our attractions on our Incrediplex fun side. Players do not pay an admission fee.

Do coaches have to pay the weekend spectator fee?

No, each team must provide the names of two coaches who will check in at the front desk before every game to confirm that they can bypass the admission fee.

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